Sue inspired me with her commitment to lifelong learning as a path to personal, spiritual, and organizational growth.
Terasa taught me that it’s OK to say "no"
Wendy has shown me the joy that comes from adopting a practice of generosity
Dr. Cherry taught me a lesson it took me a while to learn
Joanne reminds me that even the small battles are worth fighting.
Denise demonstrates me what it means to deliver even in the most difficult circumstances.
Sue taught me that journaling is like taking a walk in the rain--write it down and then let the rain wash it away.
Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson (195x-2020) challenged me to examine the space I took up in the world.
Linda Kraeger (1947-2008) taught me that it's our job is to create heaven on earth.
Sam showed me how the wordless power of touch can heal
Nan showed me that to build relationships, you must first establish trust.
The Rev. Jeanne Marie Pupke (1955-2022) modeled what it means to show up for the big things and for the little ones.