They sound like two amazing doctors!

I knew only one, Dr. Weatherford. I remember a office visit when I shared with her that Tom had just been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

After she finished my exam she took the time to come out to the waiting to speak directly to him! It met a lot! I wish her success in her new adventure! I’m glad you had them as part of your life during a very trying time!

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Annette. I’m sorry you had to go through this scary diagnose but glad you are still with us. I only recently discovered your blog so I will go back and catch up with them all. They inspire me.

Good to catch up with you. Our only contact was the Living Legacy Project some years back. I will continue to follow your writings.

Linda Foshee

Hattiesburg, MS

Formerly of Our Home Church, Ellisville, MS

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So thankful for these docs in your life!

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I’m so grateful to them as well - as I want you healthy and on this earth for a good many years more!

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